Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lost Years

The Lost Years

He was driving his car
Back home from work
Like every day
For those past years

Something to his right caught his eye
He turned to look and his heart started pumping
He parked the car to watch the sunset
And his eyes filled with tears

He could not remember
When he last saw such a sight
When he last took the time
To admire a beautiful scene

His head started pounding
For thirty years he had been working
Climbing the ladder and proving himself
But now he asks: what does it mean?

Sure he has a successful life
He reached his goals and surpassed them
He has a loving wife and great kids
He has everything anyone would wish for

But who is he now?
Where is the young man he once was?
Where is the passion, the enthusiasm?
Where are the things he loved to do before?

He got caught up in the loop
Food, house, life essentials
Kids, school, college
The list goes ever on and on

He got back to his car
Driving home like every day
His eyes gave way to his tears

For those lost years now gone

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