Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.4

One day the café was empty
Outside it was raining and cold
In his corner he was contemplating
Wishing that time he had been bold

Her friends did not want to go
Are you serious? In such weather?
But she had to go because she knew
Seeing him, she would feel better

When he heard the door he knew
Without even turning his head
That she just entered the café
Because his loneliness had fled

She headed for her table
Not knowing if he noticed her or not
She ordered her favorite drink
Black coffee, steaming hot

He put the book down in frustration
He had to do something
She saw him stand and turn towards her
And her heart started pumping

He crossed the place to where she sat
Their eyes upon each other locked
He stood there across the table
And everything else was just blocked

Each looking into the other’s eyes
Their pure souls connecting
How stupid my fear was?
Each was now reflecting

The moment between them stretched
Neither feeling anything without
The his face broke into a smile
He took a breath and opened his mouth

(to be continued)
(Wait for it :-) )

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.3

One time their eyes met
It was the best coincidence
And it fired up their feelings
Thought it was just for an instance

She was going to the bathroom
He was coming out
They found themselves face to face
And none of them could feel the crowd

It was an exquisite feeling
In this moment suspended in time
Like a red hot chili pepper
Or an ice cold twist of lime

Though it was just a moment
To them it felt like ages
What each of them felt
Can fill out pages and pages

Now that she was close
He was sure he is in love
Right there stands an angel
Who came down from heaven above

Looking into his eyes she knew
He was the one for her
No more pain, no more loneliness
Nothing will ever again bother

Then the moment passed
Each went their own way
No one knew what to do
Or what word they should say

And so it goes as usual
Each sitting at their table
She is wishing he would do something
He is feeling he is not capable

(to be continued)

The Sad Laughter ep.5

His face breaks into a smile
And he opens his mouth
But it is pure music she hears
Not words coming out

He says: Hi
I notice you came today alone
I would like to talk if you don’t mind
If you do, I’ll understand and be gone

She smiles back
Feeling her face relaxing
Like a burden being lifted
Emotions no longer mixing

Feeling so relieved
Light as a feather
She says: Hi. Do sit down
And they start off with the weather

His smile seeming different
So full of relief
How smooth it is going
He cannot believe

That chat goes on
Going deeper ever more
They both are wondering
Why they were scared before

The do not feel time passing
All they feel is each other
Coffee cup after coffee cup
Wishing this would last forever

Now they are both sure
That each found the one
And they sit there together
Feeling life has just begun

(The End)
(Hope you liked it)

The Sad Laughter ep.2

She has been coming here for a couple of months
Always with her friends, never alone
But no one ever knew, nor imagined
The loneliness that aches to the bone

She is popular and successful
Everybody thinks she is satisfied
But of the loneliness and living like that
Nobody thinks she is petrified

She always feels she needs someone
Someone to share her life with her
Someone to grow old with
To have, to hold or whatever

He alone filled her life
Just sitting there with his book
And she always has the feeling
That at her way he always looks

But why does he steal those glances?
Why does he not come over?
Am I so intimidating?
Or is he also a loner?

And she cannot go to him neither
She can never do that
What if it is just her imagination?
Then she would look really bad

How she wishes that he sees
That behind the laugh she is so sad
And with him sitting there all cool
It is just driving her mad

So she sits there waiting
And hoping for the best
Not knowing that he does feel her
And none of the rest

(to be continued)

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.1

This is not the first time he sees her
Sitting there among her friends
Talking to this one, laughing with that
The fun seemingly never ends

But he feels something different
It is not happiness that he is seeing
Behind all the talk and the laughter
It is as if she is weeping

What a strange vibe he is receiving
Of such sadness and pain
But how is it possible with all the laughter?
Such sadness he cannot explain

He has been coming here forever
For some years now he liked the place
His favorite corner, a good book and coffee
Feeling comfortable in his own space

The she started coming with her friends
At first, he felt it was an invasion
Then their cheerfulness grew on him
At with time it became their station

And he started noticing her
And getting those mixed feelings
He started noticing the details
And his heart is now pleading

He wants to get to know her
He is longing to discover why the sadness
He just cannot get himself to approach her
With all those people, it’s driving him to madness

Sometimes he feels like
She knows he is watching from afar
So he buries his nose in the book
Not knowing that in her mind, he also has a part

(to be continued)

Back to writing

It has been over 2 years since I opened this Blog account. I first wrote a piece I called "First Post" where I simply talked about myself and how and why I am starting to write, and add one more awful writer and even worse blogger to the writing community. I introduced myself as this fresh, green and guileless young man who is aspiring to write only because he read a few books and had the urge to write, and who had written some lame pieces and dreaming of writing something solid to record his own experiment and experience to himself; and no harm in sharing it with some people who might give some feedback.

The for some reason I do not know, it stopped. The blogger took on a new shape and form, for me at least, and it is now integrated with Google applications. But instead of loosing interest altogether, this integration has become so essential and is very tempting to try and write again.

I do have a few ideas I try to write. And it is tough as hell. But so what? Let's try and see how it will go.

Please bare wit me :-)

My first comeback piece is a repost of one of my old "Pathetic" writing attempts. A five part feeble and naive piece called "The Sad Laughter" written in 2010 and inspired by one of my friends back then. It was a kind of challenge. I will post it in episodes as it was written.

And then let's see how can we go on.