Monday, September 13, 2010

First Post

Hello there,

This is my first post, naturally if you read the title above.

You might have come across this article by chance, stumbled on it to be exact. You might have heard about this article from me. Maybe from someone who knows me, or who read the article. You might be someone who likes to surf arounf and reads anything that he/she can access. Whatever type you are, and whoever you are, I would like first to thank you for taking the time to read at least so far.

You might have guessed from the blog's title what it is all about. "Pathetic Writing Attempts". Here you will find my pathetic writings and I hope you can be generous enough to hammer every word I write. I believe harsh criticism can be very constructive, and I believe I can learn more that way.

But let me start by telling a bit about myself, maybe you would understand why I started writing, and why are they pathetic writings. And maybe you can tell me why I started writing, and why are they pathetic writings.

My name is Karim. I'm a 30-year-old telecom engineer now working in the field of IT services. So what has made an engineer start writing? I have no idea. But I have noticed that I like art and literature. I discovered that I love reading about 13 years ago, and since then my library has been growing non stop. I'm not going to say I'm that of a bookworm, or that my library can fill several rooms of books stacked above books stacked above books. Maybe, just maybe, this growing passion for reading, in addition for my passion for music, dance, and photography, has lead to this natural result of my trying to write.

You will find some writings as poetry, lame poetry; others would be like short notes and memoires. And I'm so delusional that I'm trying to write a full length story, short as it might be.

I hope you find something in my writings that would make you come back. And I wouldbery much appreciate your hammering.

See you in the coming posts.

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