Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.5

His face breaks into a smile
And he opens his mouth
But it is pure music she hears
Not words coming out

He says: Hi
I notice you came today alone
I would like to talk if you don’t mind
If you do, I’ll understand and be gone

She smiles back
Feeling her face relaxing
Like a burden being lifted
Emotions no longer mixing

Feeling so relieved
Light as a feather
She says: Hi. Do sit down
And they start off with the weather

His smile seeming different
So full of relief
How smooth it is going
He cannot believe

That chat goes on
Going deeper ever more
They both are wondering
Why they were scared before

The do not feel time passing
All they feel is each other
Coffee cup after coffee cup
Wishing this would last forever

Now they are both sure
That each found the one
And they sit there together
Feeling life has just begun

(The End)
(Hope you liked it)

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