Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.2

She has been coming here for a couple of months
Always with her friends, never alone
But no one ever knew, nor imagined
The loneliness that aches to the bone

She is popular and successful
Everybody thinks she is satisfied
But of the loneliness and living like that
Nobody thinks she is petrified

She always feels she needs someone
Someone to share her life with her
Someone to grow old with
To have, to hold or whatever

He alone filled her life
Just sitting there with his book
And she always has the feeling
That at her way he always looks

But why does he steal those glances?
Why does he not come over?
Am I so intimidating?
Or is he also a loner?

And she cannot go to him neither
She can never do that
What if it is just her imagination?
Then she would look really bad

How she wishes that he sees
That behind the laugh she is so sad
And with him sitting there all cool
It is just driving her mad

So she sits there waiting
And hoping for the best
Not knowing that he does feel her
And none of the rest

(to be continued)

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