Monday, March 17, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.1

This is not the first time he sees her
Sitting there among her friends
Talking to this one, laughing with that
The fun seemingly never ends

But he feels something different
It is not happiness that he is seeing
Behind all the talk and the laughter
It is as if she is weeping

What a strange vibe he is receiving
Of such sadness and pain
But how is it possible with all the laughter?
Such sadness he cannot explain

He has been coming here forever
For some years now he liked the place
His favorite corner, a good book and coffee
Feeling comfortable in his own space

The she started coming with her friends
At first, he felt it was an invasion
Then their cheerfulness grew on him
At with time it became their station

And he started noticing her
And getting those mixed feelings
He started noticing the details
And his heart is now pleading

He wants to get to know her
He is longing to discover why the sadness
He just cannot get himself to approach her
With all those people, it’s driving him to madness

Sometimes he feels like
She knows he is watching from afar
So he buries his nose in the book
Not knowing that in her mind, he also has a part

(to be continued)

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