Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to writing

It has been over 2 years since I opened this Blog account. I first wrote a piece I called "First Post" where I simply talked about myself and how and why I am starting to write, and add one more awful writer and even worse blogger to the writing community. I introduced myself as this fresh, green and guileless young man who is aspiring to write only because he read a few books and had the urge to write, and who had written some lame pieces and dreaming of writing something solid to record his own experiment and experience to himself; and no harm in sharing it with some people who might give some feedback.

The for some reason I do not know, it stopped. The blogger took on a new shape and form, for me at least, and it is now integrated with Google applications. But instead of loosing interest altogether, this integration has become so essential and is very tempting to try and write again.

I do have a few ideas I try to write. And it is tough as hell. But so what? Let's try and see how it will go.

Please bare wit me :-)

My first comeback piece is a repost of one of my old "Pathetic" writing attempts. A five part feeble and naive piece called "The Sad Laughter" written in 2010 and inspired by one of my friends back then. It was a kind of challenge. I will post it in episodes as it was written.

And then let's see how can we go on.

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