Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.4

One day the café was empty
Outside it was raining and cold
In his corner he was contemplating
Wishing that time he had been bold

Her friends did not want to go
Are you serious? In such weather?
But she had to go because she knew
Seeing him, she would feel better

When he heard the door he knew
Without even turning his head
That she just entered the café
Because his loneliness had fled

She headed for her table
Not knowing if he noticed her or not
She ordered her favorite drink
Black coffee, steaming hot

He put the book down in frustration
He had to do something
She saw him stand and turn towards her
And her heart started pumping

He crossed the place to where she sat
Their eyes upon each other locked
He stood there across the table
And everything else was just blocked

Each looking into the other’s eyes
Their pure souls connecting
How stupid my fear was?
Each was now reflecting

The moment between them stretched
Neither feeling anything without
The his face broke into a smile
He took a breath and opened his mouth

(to be continued)
(Wait for it :-) )

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