Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sad Laughter ep.3

One time their eyes met
It was the best coincidence
And it fired up their feelings
Thought it was just for an instance

She was going to the bathroom
He was coming out
They found themselves face to face
And none of them could feel the crowd

It was an exquisite feeling
In this moment suspended in time
Like a red hot chili pepper
Or an ice cold twist of lime

Though it was just a moment
To them it felt like ages
What each of them felt
Can fill out pages and pages

Now that she was close
He was sure he is in love
Right there stands an angel
Who came down from heaven above

Looking into his eyes she knew
He was the one for her
No more pain, no more loneliness
Nothing will ever again bother

Then the moment passed
Each went their own way
No one knew what to do
Or what word they should say

And so it goes as usual
Each sitting at their table
She is wishing he would do something
He is feeling he is not capable

(to be continued)

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